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USED GE Topload Electric Set

Standard size:

Washer:Width:27in, Depth:27in, Height:43 in

Capacity:4.2cu ft

Dryer:Width:27in, Depth:26.5 in, Height:43in

Capacity:7.2cu ft

Used GE Topload Electric Set

  • Comes with a 90-day warranty:

    If anything happens with in the 90-days you can give us a call at (520)499-2303 we can schedule for a tech to go out as soon as possible.

    Return policy: If for some reason you don't want the merchandise you purchased you will have 3 days from purchase date to return your merchandise. Refunds will be given in the original form of payment. There will Be a 20% restocking fee. Delivery fee is equivelent to delivery fee, if no delivery fee was charged a $50 pick up fee will be applied. If there is any damage that was not on the merchandise at time purchsed there will be an additional fee (the fee will be according to the damage caused). If you use one of the financing companies, the fees need to be paid in order to refund to take place, the merchandise needs to be in our possession. These fees will be applied at NO EXCEPTIONS.



  • We offer 3 financial services *Snap *Koalifi  *Acima  


    90-Day payment option same as cash

    Things that you need for approval: *ID * SSN or ITIN *Bank Account Info * $50 Initial Payment


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